The Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana, (CIMG) is urging institutions to work to ensure the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) fosters a more inclusive and beneficial consumer experience in the country.

Ghana over the weekend joined the rest of the world to mark the 2024 World Consumer Rights Day, under the theme: “Fair and Responsible AI for Consumers.”

Addressing participants at the World Consumer Rights Day panel, CIMG president, Dr. Daniel Kasser-Tee emphasized the need to ensure the ethical use of the growing technology.


“AI has the potential to revolutionize our experiences, offering personalized services and enhanced convenience. However, we must ensure this technology is used ethically, with consumer protection at its core, because the power that technology gives us today should also come with great responsibility in its usage by us.”, he said.

“It is in our own interest as consumers, to demand that the technology environment is well regulated in a manner that prioritizes fairness, transparency, and accountability.”, he added

Dr. Kasser-Tee also advocated for the safeguarding of consumer rights while harnessing the potential of AI.

“As we celebrate World Consumer Rights Day, let us commit to advancing the cause of fair and responsible AI through discussions such as these, to equip ourselves with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the evolving world of AI. Together, we can harness the potential of AI while safeguarding the rights of consumers.”, he concluded.

The Consumer Rights Day commemoration had a panel comprising members from the Data Commission, The Cybersecurity Authority, Academia and Industry Personnel sharing insights on the fair usage of AI for consumers.

Source: Ghana/Starrfm.com.gh/103.5FM/Edem Kojo