The Ranking Member on the Health Committee of Parliament, Mr Kwabena Mintah Akandoh, is charging the NPP government should as a matter of urgency kick start the construction of the abandoned Shama District hospital.

The 100-bed facility which President Akufo-Addo cut sod for its construction in August 2020, has since been abandoned.

There have been numerous calls for its commencement and completion yet there has not been any commitment from the government.

Parliament approved a 32-million-euro loan facility for the construction of the Shama district hospital, and subsequently, President Akufo-Addo cut sod at the proposed site.

However, there is no work to show at the site.

Addressing the media at the site on Monday, March 11, 2024, the Member of Parliament for Juabuso intimated that the Minority in Parliament will continue with the call on the government until the construction is duly completed.

“I think the people of Shama deserve better and as a matter of urgency we think that the government must bring the contractor back to the site to commence the construction. For the past four years, the minister of health hasn’t come to the floor of the house to give us the status of Shama district hospital. For me, that’s quite disrespectful so we are sending clear warnings to the President and the Vice President that not until they commence and complete and put to good use the Shama district hospital we will be here again”.

The parliamentary candidate for Shama, Emilia Arthur on her part lamented about the extent to which the NPP government has neglected the people of Shama.

“This is not a mark of good governance, look around you what do you see, another hole, nothing had happened here. Even the equipment they brought, they’ve come to take the equipment away so what should our people do? We have a lot of women who suffer from childbirth issues, we have a lot of children who are undernourished.

“We have all sorts of illnesses in the community. Where do they get health care from? So I’m appealing through this means that it’s not too late. They have at least nine months to play around with their government. The resources are ours the resources belong to the Shama people. They should come and build the hospital for us before they leave office,” she emphasized.

Source: Ghana/ Amuah