Strategic Mobilization Ghana Ltd (SML) says there is a clear display of commitment on it part to transparency in the KPMG report.

In a press release, SML stated that it is fully committed and confident in its efforts to ethically contribute to building a better Ghana for present and future generations while adhering to high ethical standards.

SML further stated that they have instructed their lawyers to examine some of KPMG’s professional misjudgments and their extension into the other unfavourable positions of the government.

“The KPMG report debunks the false claim of $100 million paid to SML and refutes the 10-year contract claim made by Manasseh Azure Awuni and the Fourth Estate.

“However, SML likes to point out that KPMG’s finding, which suggests that fees estimated to be paid under the 5-year consolidated contract average about GH¢1 billion per year is false.

“KPMG confirmed the importance of the upstream and minerals agreements. SML further observes that a comprehensive needs assessment in those sectors was previously conducted, which supports KPMG’s findings that revenue assurance audit services are needed in that sector,” the release disclosed.

Attached is the full press statement

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