Alhassan Suhuyini

The Member of Parliament for Tamale North, Alhassan Suhuyini has accused President Akufo-Addo of selectivity in handling petitions brought to his office.

The Lady Chief Justice Gertrude Sackey Torkornoo has directed to Special Prosecutor Kissi Agyabeng to “provide” his “comments to the matters raised” in a petition to her seeking an impeachment process against him.

Per information, as required by Article 146 of the Constitution, the Chief Justice is in the process of deciding if there is prima facie evidence to establish a committee for Mr. Agyabeng’s impeachment.

In the letter sighted dated May 16, 2024, the Chief Justice said, the SP’s comments on the issues raised will “enable the Honourable Chief Justice to determine if a prima facie case has been made out.”

Speaking to Starr News, the lawmaker stated that the President who is a lawyer should not be openly biased and selective in dealing with issues of national concern.

“The bad blood that existed between them ever since Mr. Martin Amidu exited from that place. But, my issue has to do with the selectivity with which the President forwards petitions of that nature to the Chief Justice. I am very well aware that after he did the same involving a petition against Madam Charlotte Osei, two other petitions were sent to him against Madam Jean Mensah to date. The petitioners have not even received acknowledgment or receipt of that petition.

“Again, I know that another petition was sent to him against the former Chief Justice, Sophia Akuffo but the President did nothing about that petition. Yet, his handlers want us to believe that the constitution uses the article shall, and that he has nothing to do with the petition when it comes to his table beyond forwarding or transmitting them straight to the Chief Justice,” Mr. Suhuyini stated.

He continued: “So the President as we discuss this will have to explain to all of us why he does the automatic transmission of some of these petitions to the Chief Justice but withholds some. Is it the case that when the petition coincides with his interest, he is already interested in removing the Special Prosecutor so quickly with alacrity before the seven days he transmits it to the Chief Justice just like he did in the case of Charlotte Osei? But has decided not to respond to the petition against Jean Mensah and the former Chief Justice because in their cases it was not in his interest.”     

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