The effective operation of ambulance services in Eastern Region is continuously threatened by frequent breakdowns of injectors.

At times, as high as 50% of the region’s 33 ambulances are out of operation for months mainly due to faulty injectors hampering effective emergency response capabilities.

As of Monday, May 13, 2024, approximately 10 ambulances in the region have been grounded specifically due to injector issues.

Additionally, vehicles serving Ayensuano and Afram Plains South are out of commission due to minor accidents.

The challenges are compounded by the difficulty in procuring replacement injectors, with some vehicles remaining out of service for as long as three months.

The New Juaben South Ambulance Vehicle, for instance, has been inactive for three months due to injector failures.

Felix Owusu, Deputy Regional Director in charge of Administration, attributes the frequent breakdowns to substandard fuel products circulating in the market.

 He said drivers have been instructed to patronize fuel stations where the quality of fuel can be somewhat guaranteed.

“Averagely we have 70% of our ambulance in commission as at today. Those that are out of commission are basically injectors problems but we know very well that we have gotten a supplier who is going to solve this problem for us. The company is trying to give us these injectors”.

Eastern Regional Health Directorate has always bemoaned the inadequate and unavailability of ambulance vehicles to swiftly respond to emergency cases particularly women in labor with complications partly attributing it to the cause of high maternal mortality cases in the region.

Source: Ghana/ Ansah