Celebrated musician, Okomfour Kwadee has expressed one of his regrets in life, which is not winning many awards at the prestigious Ghana Music Awards.

Kwadee was a household name back in the early 2000s, owing credit to hit songs including ‘Ye Kɔ Mmaa Pe’, ‘Efie Nipa’, ‘Ka wo Nan To So’, ‘Ataa Adwoa’, ‘Boyz Boyz’ and ma

His 8-track debut album was a hit, as he redefined the hiplife genre and set the pace for fellow artists.

However, he won just a a few awards for his efforts, despite receiving multiple nominations at the now-rebranded Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

His moment of glory came in 2007, when he won the Songwriter of the Year award and Best
Original Song/lyrics award for his single ‘Ka wo Nan To So’.

In a recent interview with Nahbaff TV, Kwadee accused the Board of not recognizing his effort due to his mental health issues

He revealed that, Charterhouse, organizers of the then VGMA awards, seldomly called him on stage to receive awards or recognize his efforts to promote African culture through his music.

Kwadee said when his music career was on hiatus, the Board did not make an effort to project his previous works to preserve his legacy.

He noted that ,such honours have been bestowed on some of his contemporaries, such as Lord Kenya and Obrafour.

The reason, he said, is due to some tensions he had with the board over his branding and performances on stage.

Despite these setbacks, Okomfour Kwadee is determined to make a full recovery and reclaim his supremacy in the music industry.