Ghanaian music sensation King Promise says it is unfair to compare Ghanaian and Nigerian music industries.

Speaking on Starr Chat with Bola Ray on Thursday, the artist emphasized that such comparisons are inherently unfair, citing vast differences in numbers, investment, and infrastructure.

During the interview, King Promise articulated his stance, firmly stating, “It’s unfair to compare the Ghanaian music industry to Nigeria’s.”

He elaborated on the substantial gaps between the two industries, highlighting Nigeria’s larger population, extensive financial investment, and robust infrastructure as key factors contributing to its dominance in the African music scene.

The artist’s remarks shed light on the challenges faced by Ghanaian musicians in competing on a global scale. Despite the undeniable talent present within Ghana’s music industry, King Promise emphasized the need for greater support, investment, and recognition to propel Ghanaian music to similar heights as its Nigerian counterpart.

King Promise’s perspective serves as a call to action for stakeholders within the Ghanaian music industry to address existing disparities and implement strategies to foster growth and sustainability. As Ghana continues to nurture its burgeoning music scene, King Promise’s insights offer valuable.

Source: Ghana/ Mensah