Eastern Regional Minister Seth Kwame Acheampong called for responsible media practices to ensure peaceful elections in December.

Addressing the Regional May Day Celebration held at Jubilee Park in Koforidua on May 1, 2024, Seth Acheampong emphasized the media’s role as “custodians of truth,” stating that they must combat misinformation and disinformation to maintain peace and stability during the December 7 Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

“The use of divisive language and incitement of violence should not be entertained on media platforms. The media must play its expected role to help consolidate the country’s democratic credentials.” Said Seth Acheampong

The Minister praised the chosen theme for the May Day celebration, “Election 2024: The Role of Workers and Social Partners in Securing Peaceful Elections for National Development,” as being both “appropriate and timely.”

He noted that elections are crucial moments for citizens to exercise their voting power and choose leaders to guide the country into the future.

The Minister called for resistance against individuals who seek to derail the country’s reputation for democracy and stability.

He urged Ghanaians to protect the integrity of the democratic process and work together to ensure a peaceful election.

“Let us rise to the occasion. It is possible,” The Minister said, expressing confidence in the capacity of Ghanaians to achieve peaceful elections.

Seth Acheampong continued that, ” undeniably, this can only be possible in an atmosphere of peace, stability, freedom, tolerance and respect for one another.  We should be mindful that in difficult times, there is the tendency for some people, who for selfish interests, would take undue advantage of the situation in order to derail the hard-won reputation and recognition of our country as a beacon of democracy and stability in the sub-region, Africa and even the world”.

He, however, said, “Their motive is weakened by the fact that the Ghanaian people have the capacity to change their government peacefully through the ballot box”.

As Chairman of the Regional Security Council (REGSEC), Seth Acheampong assured that he would work with security agencies and stakeholders to maintain peace during the elections.

“We should continue to work together in advancing our development, progress, and prosperity,” Seth Acheampong.

Minister address to Labour Unions

In a direct address to Ghanaian workers, the Eastern Regional Minister stated that the government is prioritizing the protection of incomes and the economic stability of Ghanaian workers.

He said, that in 2022, the government responded to the call of organized labor by providing a 15% Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) of basic salary across the board to alleviate economic challenges for public sector workers.

In 2023, the government increased the base pay of public sector workers by 30%. For 2024, base pay has risen by 23% for the first half of the year and 25% for the second half. Additionally, the daily minimum wage increased from GH¢14.88 to GH¢18.15.

He assured that President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo remains committed to improving the welfare of the Ghanaian workforce by providing fair compensation in line with increased productivity.

 “Organized labor will always ask for better conditions of service, and this remains paramount in labor agitations over the years,” said Seth Kwame Acheampong.

Seth Acheampong acknowledged that, despite occasional disagreements during negotiations, the government has maintained a cordial relationship with organized labor since assuming office in 2017.

He said the two parties have worked together with mutual respect and cooperation.

However, the government cautioned that labor disputes can negatively impact productivity and make compensation payments unsustainable if not managed carefully.

Therefore, emphasized the importance of finding a balance in negotiations to meet labor demands without straining public finances or compromising economic stability and growth.

He urged organized labor to exercise patience and assured them that they would be treated fairly in future negotiations.

Source: Ghana/Starrfm.com.gh/103.5FM/Kojo Ansah