Travelport, a global travel technology company, and Africa World Airlines (AWA), West Africa’s leading domestic and regional carrier, have launched a ground-breaking collaboration aimed at reinventing the travel experience for customers across the African continent and beyond.

Sunny Prakash Gupta, the Regional Manager of Gtech Distribution Pvt Ltd – Travelport Official partner in Central and West Africa, expressed delight with the collaboration and confirmed Travelport’s commitment to offer continuous access to a wide selection of goods from Africa World Airlines.

“Today, Travelport officially announces that it has signed an agreement with Africa World Airline (AWA) – the leading domestic and regional carrier in West Africa. This multi-year deal confirms that Travelport’s agencies will have continued access to wide range of products from AWA through the Travelport+ platform,” he announced.

Mr. Gupta noted that Travelport agents will have seamless access to AWA’s products via the Travelport+ platform. He stated that this will make it easier for travel dealers to search, shop, and compare Africa World Airlines’ latest offerings.

In a speech, Africa World Airlines’ Head of Commercial, Jonathan Appiah, emphasized the airline’s commitment to providing exceptional service and seamless connectivity to its passengers, emphasizing the value of its collaboration with Travelport.

“At Africa World Airlines, we have always been committed to providing exceptional service and seamless connectivity to our passengers. By partnering with Travelport, we gain access to cutting-edge technology, a vast network of travel agents, and a wealth of expertise that will enable us to enhance our offerings and deliver unparalleled convenience,” he stated.

He also stated that their collaboration with Travelport will boost their distribution channels and raise their awareness in worldwide markets. He stated that this will not only benefit their airline, but will also help to strengthen the aviation business in Ghana and the subregion.

“This is very huge. The more your customers see your products out there, the more they’re able to also book, so definitely this impact on our passenger numbers which also helps in revenue and revenue generation make a company a growing concern so it’s a very strategic alliance that is going to help us to achieve what we want to achieve in the long term,” he asserted.

Mr. Appiah went ahead to express his excitement about the partnership, stating, “As we embark on this exciting journey together, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the entire Africa World Airlines team for their dedication and hard work in making this partnership a reality. I also extend my appreciation to our partners at Travelport for their unwavering support and shared vision.”

“Together, we are confident that we can revolutionize the travel experience in Africa and make a positive impact on the lives of our customers,” he reaffirmed.

Both Travelport and Africa World Airlines realize the changing nature of the travel industry and are committed to staying on the cutting edge of innovation. They hope to use this collaboration to utilize cutting-edge technologies and best practices in order to make popular choices for African and international passengers.

The alliance between Travelport and Africa World Airlines represents a turning point in the aviation sector, offering improved connectivity, convenience, and service quality for passengers. It also combines AWA’s dedication to providing great service with Travelport’s cutting-edge technology and extensive network of travel agencies. This collaboration strives to improve offerings and provide exceptional convenience to passengers.

About Travelport

Travelport is a leading global travel technology company, providing distribution, technology, payment, and other solutions for the travel and tourism industry worldwide. They are on a mission to simplify the complex industry they have known and loved for decades. Where others add features, they invent new solutions. They work with partners that share their passion for delivering exceptional experiences for travelers.

About Africa World Airlines

Africa World Airlines, founded by Togbe Afede XIV, is a privately owned airline. Its inception took place on November 15, 2010, with its inaugural revenue flight commencing on September 21, 2012.

The airline operates routes to various key destinations in West Africa, including Kumasi, Tamale, and Takoradi in Ghana, as well as Lagos and Abuja in Nigeria. As part of their continuous expansion efforts, they have forged strategic partnerships with several prominent international carriers, including South African Airways, Emirates, Brussels Airlines, ASKY Airlines, United Airlines, and Ethiopian Airlines.

These collaborations are instrumental in fulfilling their corporate mission of providing seamless and cost-effective air travel options for both leisure and business travelers along our network.Africa World Airlines aspires to set the standard for quality air travel services in West Africa and beyond. Their commitment is to offer a welcoming, dependable, and affordable travel experience to all their valued passengers.