Chiefs and people of the Atsiame Traditional Area in the Akatsi South Municipality have denied any form of allegiance to the Avenor Traditional Council and its President, Torgbui Dorglo Anumah VI.

The group at a press conference in Dagbamate re-affirmed their continuous allegiance to the Awomefia of the Anlo state indicating that they are a distinct Traditional Area from the Avenor Traditional Area and cannot be forced to pay allegiance to anyone other than the Awomefia, Torgbui Sri III.

This they say is in response to an earlier Ghanaian Times publication which quoted Paramount Chief of the Avenor Traditional Area, Torgbui Dorglo Anumah VI to have said “Atsiame Traditional Area does not exist.”

This publication according to Torgbui Kasu III of Gefia Kpota who read the statement on behalf of the Atsiame people is unfortunate, provocative, and contentious.

He stated that the Atsiame Traditional Area was created in 2016 by the Awomefia of the Anlo State, Torgbui Sri III with a paramountcy headed by Torgbui Samlafo IV.

“Atsiame Traditional Area exists. The fact is the Awoamefia and Overlord of Anlo, Togbi Sri III elevated sixteen (16) chiefs to Paramount Chief status and that goes with their respective Traditional Areas, including Avenor and Atsiame Traditional Areas in 2016,” he asserted.

“This preceded the inauguration of the Avenor Traditional Council in December 2017. Therefore the assertion that Atsiame Traditional Area does not exist is factually incorrect and can only be a figment of Togbi Dorglo’s imagination or his will and coveting that there should be no other traditional area in Avenor,” Torgbui Kasu added.

The Chiefs wondered how one of two distinct Traditional Areas created by the Awomefia would be made to be subservient to the other, stating that they have an unalloyed allegiance to the Awomefia of the Anlo State and would not be forced to surrender to any other person.

“It is unknowledgeable and untutored to hold the idea that a Paramount in a Traditional Area cannot owe allegiance to another stool in a different Traditional area/Council or Region, the law allows this.”

“A case in point is the New Juabeng stool in the Eastern Region, owing allegiance to the Golden stool in the Ashanti Region. It is worth mentioning the examples of the stools in Abesim in the Sunyani Municipal and Kyeraa in the Sunyani West District that owe allegiance to the Dormaa Stool in faraway Dormaa-Ahenkro. We want to take this opportunity to assure Togbi Dorglo VI that the Atsiame people will never be under him. Our allegiance is to Awoamefia, Togbi Sri III and it shall remain so forever.”

They urged the Chiefs of the Avenor Traditional Council to accord them the necessary recognition in order to ensure peace reigns in the Akatsi South Municipality forever.

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