Ghanaian athlete Benjamin Azamati has revealed how Ghana’s 4×100 relay team remained focused, notwithstanding the attacks on social media after the baton change failure on day one in the 4×100 meter relay event in Bahamas.

During the intense competition, which served as qualifiers for the Paris Olympics, the Ghanaian athletes encountered an unfortunate setback in the 4×100 relays in the Bahamas. A dropped baton disrupted their rhythm, which prevented them from achieving their desired performance on day one.

The team, however, recovered to win their race on day two and secured qualification for the games in Paris.

Speaking on the Game on GhOne TV, Azamati stated that the attacks on him on social media did not have any negative impact on his mindset nor his teammates towards the race.

“I don’t think it affected us psychologically, we knew what we were there for, it’s just about having to regroup ourselves after the failure on the first day and going out the next day and trying to qualify which we did” he said

He further added that the baton mishap is part of the relay even and hence they were unfazed by it.

“Baton change failure is normal with relays. it happens always, so as in how it dropped, we can’t figure it out, we both don’t know, and it’s mysterious to both of us”

However, Azamati emphasized that the external criticisms and negative comments surrounding the baton drop on social media did not pull them down.

“i’m the one who saw most of it. Because most of it were in my name and they were talking about me and all, that I drop it and it was all my fault”.

“I showed it to the new guys that this is what will happen and they have to prepare for this because it’s part of sports” Azamati stated.

Ghana’s male relay team secured a spot at this summers Olympic games along with Nigeria and Liberia from the World relay championships in the Bahamas.

Source: Ghana/ Annan/Najat Awudu