The Public Utility Regulatory Commission (PURC) has announced a series of tariff increments for the third quarter of the year, effective from June 1 to September 30, 2024.

The adjustments include increases in both electricity and water tariffs, attributed to several economic factors.

Electricity tariffs will see a rise of 3.45% for lifeline consumers, who use between 0-30 kWh. Other residential consumers not part of the lifeline bracket, consuming 31 kWh and above, will experience a 5.84% increase. The industrial category will face a 4.92% hike.

In addition to the electricity tariff adjustments, water tariffs will increase by 5.16% over the same period.

The PURC’s decision follows a comprehensive review through its Quarterly Tariff Review Mechanism, which takes into account key uncontrollable factors impacting tariff rates.

These factors include the exchange rate between the US dollar and the Ghanaian cedi, domestic inflation, the electricity generation mix, and the cost of fuel, primarily natural gas.

“Having considered all the underlying factors, the Commission wishes to announce that there will be a 3.45% increase in electricity tariffs for lifeline consumers (0-30 kWh); a 5.84% increase for all other residential consumers who are not part of the lifeline category bracket (31 kWh and above) as well as the non-residential category,” stated the PURC in a press release.

The PURC emphasized that these reviews are essential to maintain the real value of the tariffs and ensure that utility providers remain financially viable. This financial stability is crucial for the continued delivery of services to customers.

The increment in tariffs reflects the need to address the financial challenges faced by utility providers amid fluctuating economic conditions, ensuring sustained and reliable service provision to the public.

Source: Ghana/ Rahman Umar