The Founder and Leader of Alternative Force for Action (AFA) Dr. Sam Ankrah has bemoaned the current economic challenges bedeviling Ghanaians.

According to the Independent Presidential Candidate, prices of goods and services are rising sporadically making life very difficult for most citizens.

In an exclusive interview on the Ghana Kasa morning show on Kasapa FM & Agoo TV, Dr. Sam Ankrah indicated that Ghanaians need economic freedom as economic hardship is becoming increasingly unbearable.

He added that Ghana is no longer affordable to live in hence the difficulty in surviving the current mess.

Dr Sam Ankrah noted that Ghanaians are living like magicians because of bad governance.

“I am still focused to fight and gain second independence for Ghanaians, we need economic freedom. Right now, the country is not affordable, we are living like magicians”

He further revealed that Ghana does not have Nation Builders anymore, but rather Deal Makers.

“For the past 32 years of NPP-NDC governance, their focus has not been “Nation Building, but rather deal making because of the systems and structures in our politics.”

Source: Ghana/ Nyarko Abronoma