Flag of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) John Dramani Mahama has presented $10,000 to the Black Challenge team for winning the 2024 Africa Amputee Africa Cup of Nations (AAFCON).

The Black Challenge, in a display of sheer determination and skill, emerged as the champions of the 2024 Amputee Africa Cup (AAFCON).

They secured this victory by defeating Morocco 2-1 in the finals in Egypt, successfully defending the title they had won the previous year.

The Former president rewarded their effort.

In his remarks, the former president expressed his admiration for the team’s dedication and hard work, stating, “I am proud to support such a talented and resilient team. Your victory is a testament to your skill and determination.”

The president of GPC Ghana – Mr. Samson Deen, said, With their triumphant victory in the AAFCON, the Black Challenge have not only secured their place in the annals of amputee football history, but also a highly anticipated spot at the 2026 World Amputee football cup in Panama.

This is a thrilling testament to their skill and a promise of even more exciting matches to come.

Source: Ghana/Starrfm.com.gh/Benjamin Yamoah