Casandra Dapaah

Stanbic Bank Ghana has led a dialogue on the significance of mental health support for entrepreneurs through an X Space discussion themed “Mind Matters: Nurturing Mental Health in Entrepreneurship.” The discussion aimed to offer guidance on recognizing and addressing mental health challenges among entrepreneurs.

Hosted by Casandra Dapaah, Manager of Oil and Gas – Business and Commercial Banking at Stanbic Bank Ghana, the event highlighted the bank’s holistic commitment to bolstering entrepreneurship and growth.

She mentioned, “While we provide substantial support to SMEs, mental health remains an overlooked area.”

Dr. Yennusom Maalug, a Specialist Psychiatrist affiliated with the Ghana College of Physicians and Surgeons (GPS), contributed to the discussion by sharing practical strategies to empower entrepreneurs in managing their mental well-being.

Dr. Maalug addressed the stigma surrounding mental health and advocated for its normalization through awareness campaigns, workplace discussions, media portrayal, and individual engagement.

Highlighting preventive measures, Dr. Maalug stressed the need for early intervention to mitigate the impact on various life domains. He advised, “Entrepreneurs need to seek assistance promptly and engage in self-care practices like physical activities, adequate sleep, setting boundaries, and mindfulness.”

The conversation forms part of Stanbic Bank’s ‘SB Incubator X Space discussion’ aimed at having open conversations with industry players and thought leaders to empower entrepreneurs across the country.

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