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Student nurses in the Eastern Region are now required to pay fees ranging from GHc50 to GHc150 for their clinical attachments at various hospitals.

This new directive from the Eastern Regional Health Directorate took effect in March 2024.

In a letter addressed to the management of health training institutions, the Regional Health Director, Dr. Winfred Ofosu, stated: “We write to bring to your notice the new directive from the Regional Health Directorate with regards to student nurses’ clinical attachment.”

The letter specifies the fee structure based on the duration of the attachment. Students staying for 1-2 weeks will pay GHS 50, those staying for 2-4 weeks will pay GHS 100, and those whose attachments exceed 4 weeks will be charged GHS 150.

“This is to help foot the cost of gloves and face masks by the facilities, and other service charges the Regional Health Directorate will make towards distribution to all facilities involved,” explained Dr. Ofosu.

Payments are to be made upon submission of attachment letters at the Regional Health Directorate. Facilities will be reimbursed quarterly based on the number of students received.

The directive aims to manage the expenses incurred by facilities hosting student nurses and ensure the availability of necessary supplies for clinical training.

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