Security analyst, Adib Saani says the directive by the Electoral Commission of Ghana to ban party agents from observing the vote transfer is wrong and a win for the hooligans ahead of the 2024 election.

Ghana’s electoral governing body in a memo has directed that District Officers of the EC across the country should not allow party agents at it’s offices for the ongoing vote transfer.

According to the EC, the decision is aimed at controlling the violent clashes that have characterized the exercise and in pursuant of regulation 22 (8) of C.I 127.

Speaking on Morning Starr with Francis Abban, the security analyst stated that the 2024 election is crucial for Ghana’s democracy and must be handled well.

“I think the move by the EC is wrong because we have had assurances from the IGP that his outfit is ready. It is not a perfect outfit but it is ready to provide security so I would have thought that the EC would collaborate with the various political actors and the police would find ways of beefing up security.

“But for the EC to all of a sudden ask that the party agents leave, I think it is a win for the hooligans. It is a win for the perpetrators of the violence. Because that is what they want to see happen. That the people don’t trust the process which I must say is a recipe for disaster,” Mr. Saani stated.  

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