Dr. Bernard Okoe-Boye

The Minister for Health Dr. Bernard Okoe-Boye is assuring the citizenry that the government will ensure funds are available for timely completion of the La General Hospital Project.

The project which stalled for years sparking concerns amongst community members following a demolition.

During a visit to the project site to supervise progress of work, Dr. Okoe-Boye said the project which is now 20 percent complete is expected to be completed within the 28-months stipulated period.

‘’We are committed to make sure that they get the support, the willingness to be on the project and complete it within the 28 months beginning January 2024. So from January to now, we’ve had some number of months going already and it is my in my prayer that I’ll be part of the commissioning of this project and all of us should monitor it keenly’’ – Dr. Bernard Okoe Boye said.

The reconstruction of the demolished La General Hospital finally started in January this year after the government decided to fund the project and also released a 9 million dollar to the contractor.
However, the redevelopment of the facility stalled due to the Domestic debt exchange.

‘’I was part of the Parliament which looked at a loan facility to build this hospital. But not only this. A lot of loan agreements were hit by the pandemic. Most banks who said I was going to give you money later today still look, because of the global economy we don’t have the support to continue and so, General, just like other projects, suffered some issues.

‘’And that is why for some time the plan that the government had went off route and as individuals; sometimes we put plans on paper, something happens and you have to go back to the drawing board. So after a lot of concerns and efforts, and I must say that there’s been social activism and significant activism also from the community governments decided to find money from its own resources to pay for the national’’ – Dr. Bernard Oko Boye – Minister of health

However the project manager, Nii Adadey is unable to confirm whether the outpatients department of the La General Hospital will be ready for use by November this year as promised by government including the president.

‘’If you look at this side there’s some caving in that I want to see, but some of these things will affect that. But we can probably in a month, we can confirm whether or not by the 29th of October you can come for an inspection. I don’t want to see part of the OPD ready whilst orders are coming up Bottom line, if it goes by the roadmap, we know that we have our hospital functioning and all of us will be helping’’ Nii Adadey – project manager

The 160 bed capacity facility which is now 20 percent complete, will have seven storey building for medical staff, already on the fourth level.

It will also have other standard features including a surgery department, mortuary, obstetrics and gynecology department and diagnostics center.

The minister of health also inspected works at the 120 capacity children’s hospital located at Weija.

The facility which is 60 percent complete is to be commissioned in September this year.

It has Diagnostic department, Wards , Surgical unit, ICU and Mothers Hostel, a conference room among others.

Source: Ghana/Starrfm.com.gh/103.5FM/Evelyn Araba Aidoo