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The Presidential candidate for the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC)  President John  Mahama is cautioning Ghanaians not to fall for the “empty promises and sloganeering” of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP).

According to the President, the lofty promises of the NPP and its flagbearer Nana Akufo-Addo are aimed at deceiving Ghanaians into voting them into power.

“Ghana our country, is moving forward. It is not going backwards as people want you to believe. When it comes to election people come with all kinds of promises just because they want to get elected. We have seen it before.”

Addressing a mini rally at Isa in the Dafiama Bussie Isa constituency in  Upper West region, Mr. Mahama likened the NPP and its presidential candidate to a trickster and a conman who will say anything to hoodwink  the electorate into voting for them.  He noted, the party has done that before.

“In 2000 the same people came and made all kinds of promises. And when they come to power we will do this, when we come to power we will do this. And then as soon as they were elected into power, they said oh, well we can’t do the things we said we will do for you because when we came the Rawlings government left us debts ‘Opepepeepee’, the same trick they want to do again.

“The same trick; one village one dam, one village one factory, one village one something, one constituency, one million dollars, one this, one that, then when they come into office; which they won’t,  they will come and say John Mahama’s government left a huge debt so because of that what we said we can’t do for you. That’s the trick. It’s a political trick. It’s a con game.” He stressed.

He urged the electorate to subject every single promise of the NPP to scrutiny and put it against their track record when they came into government.

“So when they come with those empty promises and sloganeering, the question you should ask is, it’s not like God hasn’t given them power before, the good thing God has done is, He’s made NDC taste power, He’s made NPP taste power. And the question we should be asking the NPP here in DBI is when you were in office, what did you do for us,” he stated.

The first day of the President’s 3-day campaign tour of the Upper West region took him to Wa West, Wa East, Dafiama Bussie Isa (DBI) and Nadowli Kaleo constituencies where he addressed 7 mini rallies and called on chiefs.

He also inspected an ongoing water project at Dorimon in the Wa West constituency which upon completion is expected to supply potable water to Wa and its environs.



Source:Ghana/ Alhassan