After months of turning a blind eye to  “Touch Disease”, Apple has created a worldwide repair program to address the issue on iPhone 6 Plus devices.

To recap: “Touch Disease,” discovered by third-party repair specialists, is a defect that causes an iPhone’s display to flicker and touchscreens to become unresponsive.

According to repair specialists, Touch Disease is caused by faulty touchscreen controller chips that aren’t properly bonded to the iPhone’s logic board. Over time the the controller chips can get loose and, thus, malfunction.

As part of the repair program, Apple’s offering repairs for affected iPhone 6 Pluses for $149 as long as the screen’s not cracked or damaged.

Participating service centers include Apple Stores, Apple Authorized Service Providers and Apple Technical Support. Wireless carriers are not participating, so don’t bother bringing your busted iPhone over to AT&T, Verizon, etc.

Apple says it’ll contact customers who paid out of pocket to fix their iPhone 6 Plus either through Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider (if the repair place isn’t authorized by Apple, you’re out of luck) for a reimbursement.

“The reimbursement amount will equal the difference between the price you paid for the original service to your iPhone 6 Plus and the $149 service price,” states Apple’s repair website.

It’s great to see Apple finally acknowledge the issue, but it’s unclear why the repair program is limited to iPhone 6 Plus devices and not iPhone 6 as well. According to iFixit, iPhone 6 can also be affected by Touch Disease, although the problem is more prevalent on iPhone 6 Pluses.

At the very least, following a lawsuit filed in August, Apple might finally be able to put Touch Disease to bed.

Source: Mashable