Mahama speaks to captains of industry
Mahama speaks to captains of industry

President John Mahama has urged the business community not to panic over election related rhetoric ahead of the December polls.

The President has assured government will do everything possible to safeguard the stability of the country.

There is some amount of uncertainty and tension regarding the impending elections. Recent clashes between supporters of governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) and security detail of Presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has left many wondering how the elections will pan out.

However, the President believes the polls will be as peaceful as all the others in the past.

“Often when we are getting to an election the political rhetoric raptures up. I urge you not to be afraid or frightened that it is going to lead to any blowup. I mean Ghana has a history of peaceful, transparent and successful elections and I believe that this 7th election under the 4th Republic is not going to be any different,” Mahama told CEOs and captains of industry at the GIPC quarterly Presidential breakfast meeting Monday.

He called for support for whoever comes out victorious at the polls in December.

“I will play my part as President and commander in chief to ensure that we have a stable, secure environment for people to cast their ballot. And I believe that, once the elections are over, the people of Ghana will decide who they want to lead them over the next four years and whoever emerges all of us must support the person,” Mahama admonished.

Ghana heads to the polls on December 7.

Source: Ghana/ Alhassan