Ghana is a step ahead of the United States of America when it comes to investment in social and economic infrastructure President Mahama has stated.

According to the President,  both candidates in the just ended elections in the US Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump had promised “to invest massively in social and economic infrastructure,” a move he says  Ghana is already doing.

“The American elections have just ended. Both candidates, a central plank of their economic policy is to invest massively in social and economic infrastructure. And if we have started that in Ghana already, it means we are one step ahead of the United States.”

He argued such investments expands the country’s economy and improve the living conditions of the people.

“Because, investing in social and economic infrastructure creates jobs and puts food on the table for Ghanaians. When you are building roads, the people who work on the roads are Ghanaians and they are being paid and they are feeding their families.”

The assertion of the President follows a similar one from the first lady who in her congratulatory message to US President-elect Donald Trump, added Ghana is already building the infrastructure Mr. Trump was promising Americans.

The statement from the first lady generated an uproar  especially on social media, with some suggesting that the promise instead  came from defeated Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton.

Mr. Mahama added a large majority of the infrastructural projects his administration is executing are being done by locals. This he believes ensures that the money for the projects stays in the country

“And the good thing is today as I speak to you, 95 percent of road contractors working in Ghana on our roads are Ghanaians. It means that the money that we are paying to them is ending up in this economy its circulating within the economy.”


Source:Ghana/ Alhassan