President John Mahama has said he does not intend to interfere in the raging board-staff wrangling at the state broadcaster GBC.

He said the structure of the constitution does not permit him to determine what happens at the corporation even though government pays the workers there.

The President made the remarks while responding to a question on what his government is doing to restore harmony at the GBC,  when he took his turn at the GBC’s presidential encounters.

“We all agreed to work with a constitution and that constitution gives powers over GBC to the NMC and I cannot dissolve the NMC board because I don’t have such powers.  So I can appeal and talk things over with them but I cannot force decisions on them.

“So I will urge workers here to continue to dialogue with the board, or I can even talk to them on your behalf but I cannot force my will on them,” Mr. Mahama stated.

Commenting on the passage of the right to Information bill, the President said he expects parliament to pass it as soon as possible, even though he cannot force it on them.

“We have separation of powers, parliament is autonomous, I can’t force them to pass it; but I have been advocating for it that they should pass the Bill. It’s been too long, in the state of the nation addresses, I’ve referred to that Bill, and I’ve indicated that I don’t know why it has taken too long in Parliament.”



Source:Ghana/ Danso Acheampong