The Health Minister, Alex Segbefia has dismissed calls by the opposition New Patriotic Party to change the NDC government in the upcoming December elections.

According to the former deputy Chief of Staff, the campaign slogan by the NPP is meaningless because Ghana is already experiencing change under President John Mahama.

“Change has already come,” Mr. Segbefia told host of Starr Chat Bola Ray Wednesday evening.

The former deputy Defense Minister added: “President Mahama is a complete success when it comes to infrastructure development…the signals I am taking is that we didn’t take a lot of time to talk about our stories.”

Mr. Segbefia added that he is confident that the massive infrastructure development undertaken by the President will convince Ghanaians that he deserves a second term to develop the country.

“All the infrastructure will win us votes…the message is that Ghana is changing…we have so much to do and we can’t do it all, the man has done wonders when it comes to infrastructure…not only in Accra, [but] across the country…to do everything may not be possible but the people in that regions know what he [Mahama] is doing.”

Psychiatric Hospital challenges
The Health Minister also revealed that the challenges that confronted the Accra Psychiatric Hospital has been temporarily resolved.

Nurses at the mental health facility recently embarked on strike over poor working conditions and the lack of working equipment leading to patients being released by authorities at the facility.

Government intervened with the release of One million Ghana cedis to help resolve the crisis at the mental home.

Mr. Segbefia told Bola Ray that the “challenges have been resolved temporarily, we have resolved the challenges till the next budget.”

Source: Ghana/ Welsing