Embattled businessman Alfred Agbesi Woyome has strongly dismissed claims by former Attorney General Martin Amidu that a GHC4million cheque issued as part payment of the GHS51.5million judgment debt, was fake and concocted by the government to deceive Ghanaians.

His comments come after Mr. Amidu who has been christened by Ghanaians as the citizen vigilante on Thursday, issued a statement stating that the Government of Ghana concocted the GHC4million part payment cheque.

“Does the Ghana government believe us to be so easily fooled that they concoct Woyome part payments of the judgment debt as smoke and mirrors for their election campaign? The people of Ghana should demand to know from government how its Attorney General can – in enforcing the order of the Supreme Court for Woyome to refund the unconstitutional payments made to Woyome to the Republic of Ghana – accept a cheque of GHS 4,000,000.00 drawn by Woyome dated 4th November, 2016 in favour of the Economic and Organised Crime Office as part payment of the monies ordered by the Court to be refunded, Mr Amidu said in a statement.

“The Attorney General accepted the Economic and Organised Crime Office cheque from Woyome and gave a receipt acknowledging the payment “as part payment for the Judgment Debt of GHS51, 283,483.59”. The Access Bank (GH) East Cant cheque number 890081 and the Attorney General’s receipt which were exhibited to the Attorney General’s affidavit sworn by the Attorney General herself on 9th November 2016 as Exhibits “AG 7” and “AG7A” are attached herewith in PDF for the public to judge how any Attorney General, worth the name, can accept a cheque drawn on the Economic and Organized Crime Office which was not party to the action as part payment of the refund ordered by the court on 29th July, 2014 for the Republic,”

But speaking at a press conference Friday, Mr Woyome said he was only confused as to who should be the recipient of the cheque.

“I don’t think I here, as a citizen, proud one of course, will try to play a prank on fellow Ghanaians. No, not at all! The so-called cheque was written by me. I made a cheque without writing who it’s meant for because I was confused as to who should be the recipient and after a meeting with the Attorney General in the presence of the Solicitor-General…”

Mr. Woyome also vowed to fight the decision of the Supreme Court to allow Mr. Amidu eamine him on the controversial judgment debt.

“Whatever it will take for the Supreme Court to depart from this decision concerning me…it’s just the beginning…they have erred because they’ve been misled, and I will insist and press on it until justice is done, because this judgment will be used on anybody because it is a precedent and it must not happen.”



Source: Ghana/Starrfmonline.com/103.5FM/Kobina Welsing