Dr. Kwesi Jonah

Pressure is mounting on the police to deal with alleged supporters of the NPP who have been engaging in lawless activities since the party assumed power.

The rampaging supporters have been seizing and vandalizing state properties with the excuse that the NDC did a similar thing when it won power in 2010.

Although some arrests have been made, the police have been criticized for its slow response to clamping down on the lawlessness. Some critics say the police fears being victimized by government if they arrest the rioting supporters.

But a senior research fellow at the Institute for Democratic Governance, Kwesi Jonah, told Starr News the police have no excuse for allowing these acts to continue.

“The Police must act professionally without fear or favour. They should arrest anyone who illegally touches public properties. It doesn’t matter which party they belong to, you should be professional…the police must act if you get sacked because of that then the whole public will know  and  whether or not  you are going to be maintained as IGP you need to  do your work, you should arrest criminals and these people are acting as such”.