The Ghana Chamber of Commerce and Industry has raised concerns over the newly created Business Development Ministry.

The ministry, according to President Nana Akufo-Addo, would firm government’s agenda of shaping the private sector.

Ibrahim Awal Mohammed, the Chief Executive of Marble Communications Group Limited has been nominated by the president as minister-designate for the said portfolio.

He would be responsible for shaping government’s agenda to grow businesses in the country and increase investment in the private sector.

But the Chamber fears its role might clash with that of the trade and industry ministry.

“My fear is that I don’t want to see a situation where there will be a duplication of duty and a conflict between the ministry of trade and that of the new ministry that had been created,” the Chief Executive Officer of the Chamber, Mark Badu- Aboagye told Starr Business.

He thus called for clear delineation  for the new ministry to ensure that its focus is not contravened.

“ If you go to other countries, they have the equivalent of the ministry of trade and industry and the ministry of this business development, so it is doable but it is about how we go about it, in order not to duplicate duties,” he added.

The chamber is however hopeful that the new ministry would bring greater attention to the business community and accelerate their concern to government for quick resolution.

“If you look at the ministry of trade over the years I think attention has been so much on trade with little attention on developing indigenous businesses.

“This new ministry I think will concentrate on developing Ghanaian businesses making sure that the difficulties indigenous businesses are going through will be a thing of the past and also empower businesses to expand; to employ more, to reduce unemployment and also create wealth for Ghana and move the economy forward” Mr. Badu- Aboagye noted.