In line with its quest to continually provide its clients with innovative products and services, MTN, Ghana’s most sought-after telecommunications network provider has announced the launch of FonAd, a free mobile advertising app.

Designed and developed with subscribers’ interest in mind, FonAd App gives MTN subscribers the opportunity to sample advertisers’ products, and be rewarded based on terms of engagement. In terms of its functionality, FonAd App basically creates a platform for advertising, in which rich media are displayed on a smartphone any time the user receives a call.

FonAd App provides advertisers with a platform to pitch their products and services in the most efficient and effective manner. This is because first of all, the app provides guaranteed viewing, due to the fact that subscribers view promos on their handsets prior to receiving a call. Secondly, all promotions on the FonAd platform are targeted at specific demographics, such as gender and age group. Additionally, FonAd App subscribers get to view promos wherever they go, round-the-clock. Last but not least, accurate reports are generated on viewership on a master dashboard, where click-through rates of ad campaigns are graphically recorded and automatic reports created.

MTN has put in place a dual reward system for all FonAd App subscribers on its network. The first type of reward is in the form of 24MB of free MTN data bundle, which is made available immediately after downloading the app and successfully registering as a FonAd subscriber. The next type of reward is also in the form of MTN free data bundle, but this is given on a weekly basis to all FonAd subscribers – in this instance, how much data bundle is received depends on how many promos were viewed in the course of the week; in other words the greater the number of views, the greater the amount of free weekly MTN data bundle received by subscribers.

Apart from MTN’s dual reward system, FonAd subscribers benefit from various freebies such as promotional coupons and discount vouchers, which are provided by vendors that advertise on the FonAd platform. As explained by Asher Khan, CMO of MTN at the press launch held at Kempinski Hotel, “Excluding getting rewarded for every call that they receive, FonAd subscribers have the ability to choose to see only advertising campaigns that are relevant and interesting to them, and this is what sets our product apart from the competition”.