Telecommunication giant MTN has partnered with Africa Movies on the Go AMGO to give African Movie lovers the opportunity to watch their favourites movies on the go.

Africa Movie on the go is a Video on Demand Solution that allows subscribers to download and stream on their smart mobile devices at their convenience.

Speaking at the launch, the acting Head of Product and Services at MTN Bless Sefenu Agordjo said the move is in line with his firm’s quest to lead the delivery of a bold new digital world to its customers.

“We have worked hard to deploy, upgrade and expand our network infrastructure and IT Systems to support the provision of our products and services.

“Digital access to education, health services, media and entertainment, financial services are all avenues we believe will enhance the lives of our customers,” Agordjo stated.

The Chief Executive Officer of Africa Movie on the go is optimistic the partnership will also create a revenue stream for African film producers and content providers on the continent. He wants content developers to focus on quality if they really want their products to go international.