In the pre-match press conference, coach, Hugo Broos, states that cameroonians are looking forward for their lost glory and that his team is ready to face the Pharaohs.

The Belgian coach stated, “People are waiting at Cameroon to get back to the glorious days impatiently. Cameroon has been always one of the continent’s strongest team, but they were staggering recently.”

He added, “Cameroonians want a team like the one they had 15 years ago, but you can not do that directly, you have to wait and fall and rise up again. I am very delighted to change the criticism the team faced and proud of the team for making it to the final and hope we could win the title.”

When asked about what the team needs against , He answered, “Before the tournament, we had a training camp in Equatorial Guiniea, where we set up a a fitness program with the physical therapist. Today we’re witnessing the program’s results; however, that is not our only strong aspect, we have others and we need them tomorrow against .”

He added, “Our team is exhausted after our match against Ghana, but we will be able to coordinate our efforts against Egypt in the final. Egypt is one of the strongest teams tactically in the tournament.”

On the players who refused to join the national team, Broos stated, “I reproach those who decided to favor their clubs over the national team, but we made it to the final with the current squad’s will. I do not know if they will join again or no, joining the national team does not depend on the players’ personal desire.”