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Today, February 13, 2017, marks the 6th year of World Radio Day (WRD) under the theme, “Radio is You.”

A statement issued on Monday, February 13, 2017 by the United Press for Development, called on members of the radio and media fraternity to personally observe high level of professionalism and media ethics in the delivery of contents.

Below are excerpts of the statement:

“We have notice with regret the falling standards of media ethics in Ghana. We are by this urging the National Media Commission (NMC), Ghana Community Radio Network (GCRN), Ghana Independent Broadcasters Association (GIBA) among others to call their members who rundown the rules of the game to order. It is imperative on the part of radio owners, managers, station coordinators etc., to properly remunerate their staff and volunteers well and see to the building of radio persons (staff) to enhance their respective company’s or organisation’s cooperate integrity.

“Whether State, Commercial (Private) or Community or Campus radio, radio is the fastest, most dynamic and reactive medium of broadcasting information in the media arena and was introduced in Ghana in 1935 but UPD ask, how have we leverage radio as a tool to drive socioeconomic transformation of our communities some 82 years ago.

“The UNESCO theme for this year celebration is “Radio is You”; this is to reinvigorate public participation in community development.

“UPD takes the advantage to congratulate and welcome Information Minister, Hon. Mustapha Hamid to office and encourage the new government to bring back the media fund and facility the passage of Right To Information Bill (RTI Bill) and the Broadcasting law.

“In a country where we host over four hundred (400) radio stations and over 60% of it populists feed on radio content (media) for all information, we can not afford to fail in the discharge of our professional duties.

“UPD is finally pleading with the “Ghana @60 Years On” team to make available adequate preparation for the entire media fraternity before, during and after the Independence Day Parade. We do not want the reoccurrence of how some pressmen were used, misused, abused and dumped last year (59th anniversary)”.