Four male friends from New Takoradi, a fishing community in Takoradi in the Western region are in the grips of the Police for attempting to use their fathers for money rituals also known as ‘sakawa’.

The names of the teenagers have been given as George Williams a class five (5) pupil aged 17, Egya Amoh 17, Dankwa 15 and Mister, 17, known as the leader of the group.

According to Empire FM’s Emmanuel Ohene Gyan, the four boys went to see a fetish priest at Effiakuma, a community in Takoradi with the view of making money within the shortest possible time.

The fetish priest gave the boys rings to wear with a directive that whoever loses his ring mysteriously must kill his father to start making money.

William, who was the first to lose his ring mixed a powerful local detergent known as ‘akashaa’ with his father’s stew but unfortunately his father identified the poison in his food just after tasting the food.

After confronting William’s mother, some elders were called to interrogate William if he was responsible for the poison in the food.

After several hours of interrogation William confessed to the failed murder plot revealing that he wanted to use his father for money rituals as directed by the fetish priest.

William’s terrified father lodged a case at the Takoradi Police leading to the arrest of the other boys Tuesday dawn.

The four friends are currently in Police custody while the Police hunt for the fetish priest who has gone into hiding.