Starbow has clarified circumstances that led to one of its flights returning passengers to Kumasi last Sunday.

According to the domestic airline, the move was a safety measure adopted by the captain of the flight in the face of weather challenges.

A video of some distressed passengers on board has gone viral on Social media with some reports suggesting that the flight was stuck in the air.

However in a statement, the company said a poor climatic condition informed the pilot’s decision to return passengers to Kumasi.

“This scheduled flight S9103 airborne from Kumasi to Accra, at 15:35 and on approaching destination Accra, the weather changed resulting in a severe thunderstorm. Suffice to add that, moderate turbulence which is consistent with the unstable weather condition was experienced during the flight.

“Due to the change in the weather at the destination, the captain entered a holding pattern together with other aircrafts that were also due to land in Accra, hoping for conditions to subside.

“When condition did not improve, the captain opted to fly back to Kumasi so they could return to Accra when conditions were better. Due to this the captain decided to return to Kumasi as a safety precautionary measure and all the passengers were disembarked safely without any incident and the flight was not in any danger at all,” the statement said.