Joyce Bawa Mogtari
Joyce Bawa Mogtari

The special aide to former president John Mahama has lashed out at Defense Minister Dominic Nitiwul for accusing the ex–president of illegally grabbing lands meant for the military.

According to Joyce Bawa Mogtari, the former President does not own any military land as being claimed by the Defense minister.

“We presume that the minister’s irresponsible claim is in respect of the current residence of the former first family. President Mahama has not appropriated or acquired any land or property belonging to the military and which he is currently occupying.

This Office is appalled at the minister’s unfounded accusation because any serious Defence Minister, with the Military Intelligence apparatus under him would know that President Mahama has no claim to the ownership of the land of the property in which he resides,” a statement from the office Mr. Mahama said.

Addressing the media Thursday Nitiwul launched what some say was a calculated attempt to malign the the former president with his accusation.

“I want to advice the former president that he should look for a place and leave because it’s a dent on him. It’s not good for him. He was a president and he should leave there.

“He should have protected the Armed Forces. I’m talking of former President Mahama and I won’t say no more. That can’t happen any longer; not under this watch,” the Bimbilla MP counselled the former president.

He added: “I’m advising him that if I were him I won’t live there.”

In her reaction, Mrs. Bawa Mogtari condemned the Defense Minister for being insolent saying “his comments show a certain lack of decorum in our politics.”

The former deputy Transport Minister told Starr News if the Defense Minister’s concerns were genuine he would have brought the issue to the attention of the former president.

According to her, the office of the former president will soon issue an official statement on the allegation but that notwithstanding she thinks that “he [Nitiwul] should learn to show a little bit more decorum.”

“…As a Defense Minister, I am sure that he is aware that there is some level of responsibility on government when it comes to the security of the former president and that to make such a public statement and issue such a disdainful warning is most unfortunate and needless,” she reiterated.

When asked by Starr Today’s co-host Naa Dedei Tetteh if the former president occupies a military land illegally, Mogtari indicated that she has no such idea or information.

According to her, it was “unfortunate” that the Defense Minister made the accusation without providing further details.


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