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A new show dedicated to issues affecting women – Starr Woman Show – will debut on Starr 103.5 FM from August 05, 2018.

Seasoned broadcaster Eyram Bashan will host the weekly contemporary gendered talk show every Sunday between 3pm and 4pm.

The SWS is the rebranded, rejuvenated and extended Starr Woman Project aimed at empowering women, especially persons with disabilities. It is formatted as a weekly women’s panel show to provide intelligent, witty and gendered

perspectives on critical issues, lead thought on women issues and amplify to rally women voices on domestic and national conversations.


Eyram is one of Ghana’s most respected Female Media icons celebrated for her pioneering and revolutionary media practice as Show Host, Journalist, Producer, Editor

Eyram Bashan

and Media Business Strategist. The versatile bubbly screen diva is also an accomplished Fashionpreneur, Activist, Life Coach, Public Speaker and Kingdom Zealot!

Eyram currently runs EIB’s news platforms as Group Managing News Editor. She has over 19 years experience in radio/television/online news media and possess an unrivalled depth of expertise as a news media guru having worked with top local and international brands, individuals and teams and across a number of industries.

She has worked in various business leadership roles as Senior News Anchor and Show Host, News Editor, Managing News Editor and Director for News and Current Affairs, Communication Specialist Consultant, Trainer and Coach in successfully establishing, restructuring and managing high performing news operations and products across the country.

Eyram has built an enviable track record as one of a few outstanding master architects of Ghana’s media landscape – through her works with Ghana’s major news brands TV, Radio and Online including TV3, Joy News and Metro TV. A face and voice Ghanaians have doted on since coming live on the national screens in 2001 on TV3 news, Eyram held her own on breakfast shows, current affairs talk programs, and a host of public appearances through Metro TV, Joy News, etc. As a journalist, she has covered many landmark cases and events in the country, interviewed many of the known and powerful faces that ever walked through Ghana’s corridors of power! She is known skin deep as witty, smart, tough, outspoken and highly professional Journalist and covered major international news assignments including UN Climate Change Conferences.

She has remained a charming but strong force over the years with her switch to the less visible but powerful backstage role of masterminding media programming. Arguably her most admired professional stronghold is in leading strategic coverage of national elections over the years! From covering elections as a reporter in conflict and hard-to-reach spots, anchoring elections coverage on TV, through to setting up complex operational machinery to deliver flawless multimedia coverage of elections, leading teams of over 1000 journalists, programmers, producers, creative, technical etc. spread across the entire country. Indeed, Eyram’s track record shows a commanding height in this space of media operations. She built and led Metro TV’s revolutionary coverage of elections 2008, she did same with Multimedia Broadcasting in 2012 when she set up Ghana’s first and Multitv’s 24-hour digital news channel – Joy News and delivered another notch higher with leading the new media brand EIB Network in the coverage of 2016 elections to the admiration of many.

An audacious risk-taker and builder, Eyram’s peculiar knack for innovation and delivering superior value to audiences, advertisers and investors continues to make her a highly sought after Mediapreneur who helps rescue ailing media operations or establish competitive ones.

Notorious for her addiction to perfection which makes her a hard-to -please task master, Eyram is unapologetic about her high sense of integrity, professional excellence and ethics. Competitive to the core, she exhibits a tough but humane approach to hiring and developing competitive and well-motivated talents to deliver high value inspired by global bench marks.

She basks in the glory of her mentees as trophies of her sterling leadership in a daunting but rewarding male-dominated role driving and inspiring excellence in journalism practice. Many journalists she mentored who survived her hard knuckle-cracking coaching have won national and international awards for ground breaking journalism including GJA Journalist of the Year Award and CNN Africa Awards.

Her excellent grasp of communication and news media organizational strategy also earned her top consultancy jobs where she has spent over 10 years coaching, researching and consulting for large local and international organizations such as IDEG, B4FA, WHO, E4A, Kettering Foundation, etc.

She also has international experience in her practice as stringer for BBC Africa Service, Media Research Scholar as American Public Journalism Fellow and a host of others. She also worked in the public sector managing the communications strategy that propped the State’s Private Sector Development and Presidential Special Initiative.

Eyram also served as an Advisory Committee Member for the Mamaye Foundation – a maternal and child health advocacy project, Board Member of the GN Bank People’s Celebrity Awards and helps shape the communications of the Harvest International Ministries.

The proud Chevening Scholar mentors media professionals and wannabes, provides expert experience as a visiting media practitioner-trainer for selected tertiary institutions, runs communication, empowerment and career coaching programs for the youth, women, organizations and vulnerable members of the society. She currently is championing a national advocacy for women empowerment and social inclusion with focus on women entrepreneurs with disabilities. She speaks on various issues ranging from leadership, business strategy, women empowerment, governance, entrepreneurship, career development among others at Conferences etc. She volunteers her time for patriotic duties from time to time including serving as Mentor for Some Foreign Missions’ outreach programs and Civic Ambassador for the National Center for Civic Education where she supports patriotism education in Ghana’s basic schools. Eyram also runs her own charity that reaches out to deprived basic schools in peri-urban and rural parts of the country with infrastructure and faculty development in her quest to improve access of vulnerable children to quality education.

On the side, Eyram runs her own fashion line with a bespoke clothing label bearing her name. She nurtures this hobby start-up business providing niche contemporary Afro designs as the brand’s Chief Creative Strategist.

There’s more to Eyram and that meets every eye that engages her – a fanatic for Christ, passionate Christian promoter of Kingdom work. Eyram lavishly spends her talent, treasure and time serving the body of Christ in various roles and worships with the Harvest Chapel International supporting the Ministry’s Communications.

Eyram Bashan holds an Executive MBA in Marketing from the University of Ghana Business School, MA Journalism from Cardiff University on Chevening Scholarship and BA English and Law at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. She has also benefited from various local and international fellowships such as the Kettering Foundation’s Public Journalism Fellowship in the US.

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