Human Resource departments and HR Professionals often ignore their own personal development. The lower level HR Professionals get stuck once they certify or get comfort in their jobs. The senior level HR Professionals claim to be too busy for personal development. The excuse is that, they are involved in developing and designing business strategy. But how busy can one be to the extent of neglecting to build capacity? How detailed will this strategy be if the HR professional hasn’t really developed him/herself?

With the advancement in technology and mobile devices, it is much easier to gather information and learn about new trends of doing things. HR practice has evolved so quickly and the information and data needed can be found. Many individuals, bloggers and organizations have undertaken research with interesting findings and recommendations – the availability of such data can be very useful for HR practice.

A reminder that your development is just as important if not more important than the firm you are supporting. An unskilled HR team is a liability and dangerous to the growth and survival of the very business they are working with. Every one suffers when the HR team is underdeveloped, it becomes a drain on the business and its growth – policies and practices will be crippling. The organization becomes vulnerable and prone to many legal tussles.

In addition, never restrict your knowledge to HR alone, break barriers and learn new things, understand different business modules. It will enhance your understanding of the business and enrich your contribution to decision making. It will position one for greatness and prepare HR employees for C-Suites appointments.

The best HR Professionals have very varied backgrounds. Mediocre HR professionals think all they need to know is HR. If you need ideas, please delve into sales, finance, IT, marketing, risk management or engineering etc. The skills in those fields will enrich your contribution to your firm. Let no one ever see you as unfit to succeed the CEO. The main aim of any HR professional should be geared towards becoming a CEO someday.

Lastly, never underestimate the power of transferable skills, most importantly; communication skills, speaking and writing ability, human relations, negotiation and problem solving skills, teamwork and analytical skills. These skill sets are required for managing the modern and sophisticated employee.

It is anticipated that almost all HR professionals can always speak or write better. No one in senior management or aspiring to be there can get away without developing those skills. As you are planning for your organization, please remember to plan for yourself and for your career. Take the needed steps in developing yourself. Don’t be a half-baked HR professional, build capacity so you can impact positively.

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