Works and Housing Minister Samuel Atta Akyea

The Ministry of Works and Housing will in the coming weeks begin engagements with communities on the blueprint for government’s redevelopment projects.

Government is using the project to transform communities like Nima and Maamobi into world-class communities with amenities.

The Minister for Works and Housing, Samuel Atta-Akyea on Tuesday revealed that the redevelopment project will provide the areas with modern housing facilities. But some leaders in the selected communities have expressed worry about lack of proper engagement of stakeholders on the project even though they support the vision.

The Ministry has, however, assured that the necessary engagements will be carried out with stakeholders and opinion leaders in the beneficial communities prior to the commencement of the project.

Mr Atta-Akyea has also assured residents in these communities that developers for the projects will compensate them with a ‘glamorous apartments’ adding that no resident will be dislodged.

The redevelopment projects are parts of measures by the Akufo-Addo government to tackle and find a resolution to Ghana’s housing deficit, which stands at 2 million units.

Source: Ghana/