Dep. Information minister Nana Ama Dokua Asiamah Adjei

Deputy Information Minister Ama Dokuaa Asiamah Agyei has said the Tuesday ‘Kum Y3 Pr3ko’ demonstration was an agenda by the opposing National Democratic Congress.

She noted most of the demonstrators were NDC party executives and members and  not aggrieved Ghanaians as they sought to project.

Scores of Ghanaians on Tuesday poured onto the streets of Ghana’s capital, Accra, to register their displeasure in what they say is growing intolerance and bad governance being witnessed under President Akufo-Addo’s administration.

The demonstration was organised by the Coalition for Social Justice and heavily patronised the leadership of the opposition NDC.

Speaking to Starr News, the deputy minister said: “It’s obvious that this is just an NDC agenda. They set  out to create an impression, that is all. it is very obvious that this is a purely NDC agenda. 99% of the leadership of this collation was NDC. I’m not saying they are not Ghanaians but it only tells you the exact subset that we are dealing with. It is not the entire cross section of Ghanaians who are singing the same song that they are singing.

“We do not need a cross section of Ghanaians, but I want to state a fact that this a purely NDC agenda and we are ready for them with the answers because if you come to the issues, they mention the issue of press freedom, the issues of the economy, the issue of insecurity. Well congratulations to this government and congratulations to our security agency because they had a very very safe and secure environment to demonstrate, that tells that issue of insecurity that they are mentioning is totally floored because there were times during their administration where people decided to take a peaceful protest and they were beaten up and abused. Some lost their eye sight, may their soul rest in peace. Some were beaten, some were injured during their tenure and they actually have the guts to talk about insecurity at this time”.

On the pressing issue of press freedom, she said “If you compare the percentage of crime now and then am sure you wouldn’t want to compare, not to talk about press freedom. What’s the problem of press freedom we are talking now and no one is infringing on our right at Starr FM, no one is infringing on your right. The fact that we want to enjoy press freedom does not mean that when there are things to take care of to be able to enjoy those press freedom it should not be taken care of.”


Source: Ghana/ Damilola Wemakor