In the wake of the xenophobic attacks in South Africa, A Ghanaian footballer caught in the attacks, Jacob Adu Twum is appealing to the government of Ghana to speed up processes in rescuing Ghanaians who are becoming victims of the attacks.

According to reports, one Ghanaian footballer known as Arthur had been shot in both legs by the South African Police and currently on admission.

Ghana’s Adu Twum who is also  the captain of Real Lions FC a lower division club in Johannesburg, wants government to step up plans of helping Ghanaians in the affected areas to return  home.

“The Ghana government should make a move and come rescue us because it as if they have become silence on the issues and it is not helping us at all.

“ We wants to come to Ghana but nobody is helping us with that. Everybody is unconcern about what is happening to us her. We plead with the government to do something urgently about our state. “He told Starr Sports

Meanwhile, deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, Charles Wiredu has disclosed that Ghanaians in South Africa would be jetted off the country if the xenophobic attack escalates.

Source: Starr Sport