Football fans have urged South Africans not to extend their xenophobic attacks to sports.

They gave the warning after a Ghanaian footballer resident in South Africa was reportedly shot by South African Police.

The media said he hadn’t committed any crime.

One of the commenters on social media, ApaguJarafu, alleged that South Africans were jealous of footballers from other countries.

Another social media user, Oni Wide, stated, “This is a wakeup call to other countries to develop our sports. We can’t keep losing lives,” he said.

SilvestroWainaina described the xenophobic attack on the Ghanaian footballer as a threat to the next Africa Cup of Nations expected to be hosted by Ghana.

He said, “War? That’s not the solution. Pretence to forget their inhumane behaviour will work. Who hosts the next African cup of nations? This may lead to a slaughtering galore as fans may attack the South Africans.”

Steve Osazuwa-Babatunde called for a “clamp down on South Africans in all sporting events.”

Source: Punch