Nigerian legal practitioner Dr. Kayode Akule has bemoaned the reason being offered by the Nigerian government for the closure of their border to Ghana and other African countries.

According to him, as a member of ECOWAS, smuggling is not enough reason for the West African giant to shut its borders to neighbours.

Speaking in an interview with Francis Abban on the Morning Starr Monday, Mr. Akule said Nigeria can explore other ways to fight smuggling than shutting its borders.

“Nigeria being a member of ECOWAS is part of ECOWAS signatory and treaties. We are told the closure is due to the activities of smugglers. I don’t see this as enough reason to have the borders closed. If the issue really has to do with the activities of smugglers then I think the laws in Nigeria must work and not to close the border necessarily,” he said.

Nigeria’s border closure which has irked Ghanaian traders will continue until January 2020, a memo from the government of Nigeria to border control personnel has announced.

The memo said the closure has achieved tremendous success.

“I am directed to inform you that it is observed that despite the overwhelming success of the operation, particularly the security and economic benefits to the nation, a few strategic objectives are yet to be achieved.

“Against this background, Mr President has approved an extension of the exercise to January 31, 2020. Consequently, you are requested to convey the development to all personnel for their awareness and guidance,” it said.

This is despite the delegation from the government of Ghana to Nigeria to negotiate the reopening of the border.

Many Ghanaian traders are upset over the border closure complaining they are unable to cart their goods from Nigeria to Ghana.

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