Three poisonous snakes were killed  at the Carl Reindorf Park in Dansoman during the Liberty Professional-Hearts of Oak clash on Sunday.

Questions are being asked about the venue’s safety and how it got approved for Premier League football after the three poisonous reptiles were put to the sword.

The presence of such reptiles means the pitch is not suitable and a major health risk for supporters who could have suffered fatal injuries if they had not spotted the dangerous snakes.

Before the start of the season, the CLB inspected all venues for approval, but it looks like they got it wrong with the Liberty’s home ground that’s surrounded by marshy waters and bush.

Such surroundings makes good for the breeding of such reptiles but bad for football action as this could discourage supporters from attending their matches.

Pressure will now grow on the Liberty Professionals to clear the bush and fumigate the area to prevent such future occurrence

The Carl Reindorf Park had a huge crowd on Sunday, dominated by Hearts of Oak fans who could not be much bothered by the incident following wild jubilations from the visiting fans.

The Phobians came from an early goal down to secure a late 2-1 win.

Source: GSN