Mr Mornah in a red beret at an opposition demonstration

PNC National Chairman Bernard Mornah has refused to back down on his alleged threats to resist plans by the Electoral Commission to create a new electoral roll for the December polls.

The Police CID has invited the opposition politician over the alleged threats asking him to report to the CID boss on Tuesday, July 2, 2020.

Reacting to the invitation, Mr Mornah said the action by the Police is political and does not intimidate him.

“I feel that it is a partisan issue because it is the central regional minister who opined that I should be invited or arrested and followed this morning, I was told by Atik Mohammed. And so I have no difficulty going to respond to it. I stand by every word that is captured by their letter and if I caution the Electoral Commission not to lead us into disaster and that means a threat, they can take it to where ever they want,” he told Starr News’ Musa Lansa.

“This is an emotive issue because the polling station that I vote, the number of people who have passports are not up to ten including me. And the number of people with the Ghana Card is not up to a hundred and you are going to use that in a polling station where we have over Eight-Hundred on the register. that is why we have to caution the Electoral Commission to be careful because we are talking about something that bothers about the kind of leadership that this country is going to generate,” he explained.

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