Joseph Boakye Danquah, the foremost contender of Eugene Boakye Antwi has made known his intentions to drastically transform the economy of Subin constituency, a potential hot business catchment area in Kumasi if he is elected into power.

According to JB Danquah, who is also the chairman for NPP Minnesota Chapter, USA, despite untapped opportunities in the areas captured under the constituency some people are living in abject poverty.

Dissecting matters bothering on the needs of constituents in the areas he seeks to represent in parliament on Price FM, the astute tax accountant, and policy analyst assured that he is poised to better the lives of the people with his knowledge and influence.

Explaining how he intends to enhance economic activities and fast-track development in Subin, JB Danquah indicated that under his leadership, a Poverty Alleviation Fund (PAF) would be set up to enable small and medium scale enterprises to expand.

“The knowledge I acquired from studying ‘Economic Development’ in the USA affords me the strategies to implement in the case of Subin to propel tangible economic development in the area,” Mr. Danquah observed.

In his estimation, about 80 per cent of delegates he interacted with are self-employed. So, the introduction of initiatives like support schemes to inject funds into their businesses would inure to the benefit of the masses by creating more job opportunities.

“What I intend to do is similar to President Akufo-Addo’s One-District-One Factory policy. If a factory is established for instance, a good number of residents are going to be employed. Transactions of the employed residents would in turn cause a multiplying effect on traders who fall in the brackets of the informal sector to boost economic activities in the area,” he explained.

Quizzed on the sustainability of the initiative, JB Danquah said the PAF would be managed by opinion leaders and eminent people of the constituency to prevent misappropriation of funds.

He added that he intends to set up a fund and support residents to expand their already existing businesses.

Though he mentioned that he would jumpstart the fund with seed money from his personal resources, he maintains that his outfit will reach out to corporate bodies, traditional rulers, and business executives with detailed and practicable business proposals to solicit more funds.

On matters of security, Mr Danquah assured that he would coordinate Assemblymen and opinion leaders to liaise with the police to map out tactics to combat robbery and other social vices in the area.

“It is commonplace in Ghana to find the youth in our communities team-up as vigilantes to fight crimes in their respective areas. So, I’m considering seeking the counsel of the police to equip such groups with weapons like tasers and pepper sprays to check miscreants who have made certain spots in the area unsafe for patrons who use the routes at dawn and late at night,” he averred.

Mr. Danquah, who is resolute to bring sanity in communities within the Subin constituency, has assured that he would sponsor the activities of watchdog committees to ensure a safe and sound environment.

“MPs are change agents and Subin is the central business district of Kumasi, so I will make sure life is bearable for all people by adopting all hands-on deck approach. Leaders have free minds if the well-being of the people are addressed,” he said.