Communications and event management company Stratcomm Africa is set to roll out some strategies to improve it’s fortunes in 2021. The move has become necessary following the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on all businesses including the 26 year old company. These came to light at the company’s annual praise jam which had the theme “Our God Reigns”.

The event held in Accra provided a platform for staff of Stratcomm, their clients and the public to express gratitude for God’s blessings for the year 2020.

Speaking to StarrNews CEO of Stratcomm Esther Cobbah said despite the impact of the pandemic, the company has good reasons to stage the 15th edition of the praise jam .

“We used the event to create a stage for people to come and glorify God. As an organization we believe that what we are doing ,if it doesn’t glorify God then what are we doing it for? We are here for a purpose and we thank God for his purpose for us”, she stressed.

Esther Cobbah was hopeful that businesses will soon get back on their feet due to the successes chalked by interventions to fight the pandemic.

“We have felt the devastating effect of COVID and we want to work with everybody else to prevent it.It has been difficult but Stratcomm Africa has been around for 26 years and what keeps us going is perseverance and positivity .As you have seen today our God reigns and nothing keeps us down “, she noted.

Source: Ghana/ Adjettey