President of Kasoa-based Division Two side Cheetah FC, Abdul-Hayye Yartey has urged clubs in Ghana to take keen interest in branding themselves as part of their operations.

Mr. Hayye Yartey has contributed to the development of football talents in the country for the past 11 years. His club have already acquired an official club store, making them the first club in Ghana to own such privilege.

The club’s president revealed that branding has been a key part of their existence and has contributed to their progress.

“Branding is very very important,” he told GHOne TV. “Football is dynamic and we [clubs] have to change according to how the game is changing.

“We don’t see branding as important as compared to results on the field. But when you go to outside, foreign clubs take branding important as results on the field.

“It comes with so many benefits and my club have had the chance of enjoying some of these benefits due to branding.”

While many have complained that branding comes at a very high cost, that narrative is different for Hayye-Yartey, who believes club do enjoy what they invest.

“It is very expensive not branding your club than branding it,” he continued.

“Branding makes the club attractive and people are exposed to the attractive nature of your club as a result of the investment you do – making them want to associate themselves to your brand.”

He added: “When you invest in your brand, the club becomes trustworthy and people tend to introduce others to it.”

Cheetah FC are currently working on other projects including a club gym as well as their own football ground.

Source: Ghana/ Lawrence Baidoo