Leaders of the Ghana Union of Traders Association (GUTA) will meet officials of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly today over the eviction of some traders at Opera Square in Accra.

Over five hundred traders have been evicted from Opera Square after their structures were destroyed by a private developer.

It took the intervention of the Accra Mayor and GUTA leaders to stop the angry traders from vandalizing structures put up by the private developer.

PRO for GUTA noted Joseph Padi “I’ve not met the private developer but we’ve heard the name. It’s been mentioned on the ground that there’s one guy called Nasiru, that when the guy came around they nearly beat him up so quickly they had to take him away so we didn’t even see the person anyway.”

He indicated that “GUTA will be doing our investigation to find out who it is. Since we are on the ground with the people, we will, by all means, get to know the person who is doing that. And who gave him the permit to do that, and on what authority did he do that.”

“Because if that place is for the AMA and without a permit from the AMA, so under whose authority are you doing this project, that’s the challenge. Because I’m surprised that you just get up one day and somebody puts containers there when the place belongs to AMA. If anybody should do it there, it should be AMA, and if AMA and we are not aware, so who is doing that. That is what we have to find out,” he added.

Source: Ghana/Starrfm.com.gh