The Ghana Independent Broadcasters Association (GIBA) has reacted to the shutdown of some forty-nine illegal television stations by the National Communications Authority (NCA) for operating without authorization.

Following the shutdown Wednesday, April 21, the NCA explained that the move forms part of a continuous monitoring exercise conducted on various Satellite Free-to-Air Television platforms using the Broadcast Monitoring System (BMS) and the Radio Spectrum Monitoring System (RSMS).

But GIBA believes that the distribution and management of radio and television spectrum must be done by the National Media Commission rather than the NCA.

Speaking on the Morning Starr Thursday GIBA President Andrew Danso-Aninkora intimated that after authorization has been given to the owners, there should be some monitoring as to who comes on the platform.

He said, “the reaction of GIBA if it should be described as a surprise is how they came by this number, the education that has gone on between NCA and owners of the platforms.”

“I think what has happened over time is how these spectrums have been utilized and what they’re being used for.”

He indicated that “we at GIBA believe that the distribution of spectrum should be given to the NMC.”

Regarding the briefing given his outfit over the closure of these privately-owned stations, Mr Aninkora said “the NCA has explained that sanitizing the media space began as far back as 2017 but they halted because there were some issues.”

“The NCA explained that they didn’t have the equipment to monitor TV stations in real-time but now they have the equipment and they’ve installed it. They have invited us to see it,” he added.


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