Giovanna Silvestre is a young entrepreneur who has single-handedly started her clothing line of activewear “Confused Girl In The City”. Within a few years ‘Confused Girl’ was featured on renowned publications such as Forbes, Yoga Digest, The London Daily Post, Thrive Global, Yoga Magazine, and on the LA Yoga cover. This was a great achievement for any clothing line during its first few years. The unique factor about ‘Confused Girl’ is that each style represents a different healing crystal.

Giovanna Silvestre was brought up in San Luis Obispo, California. She graduated with a degree in International Relations from the University of Southern California and started her career with some big names in the entertainment industry. She has also worked for top global brands like Audi, Vaseline, T Mobile, Coca-Cola, Target, Vitamin Water, Bigelow Tea, Skype,, Crocs, and many more. Her career took an amazing turn when she received a pair of healing crystals from a healer.

A few years ago, Giovanna Silvestre was going through a tough time when she came across a healer who asked her to pick two stones from his collection and take them home. Soon after ‘Confused Girl’ started shaping her career. What initially started as a blog where she shared her confused thoughts, culminated into a famous yoga wear brand “Confused Girl In The City”. The inspiration behind the designs of each wear is a unique healing crystal. Every outfit comes with brief details about the health benefits of that stone. They have been designed as the perfect outfit for your morning yoga class and then out to brunch with friends.

Giovanna Silvestre believes that her unique idea of giving a healing crystal effect to yoga wear will help to align the mind and body of the people wearing them. This will have an overall positive impact on the person reflecting their true nature. All the clothes from ‘Confused Girl In The City’ are made using the best quality fabric to give optimum comfort to the wearer without compromising on style.

Giovanna Silvestre wants to inspire others to chase their dreams and live their life to the fullest. Her social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook exemplify this. She feels that one of the worst regrets in life is not living it freely. In a move to inspire other confused girls, she wrote a book a couple of years back during her stay in Bali. Giovanna Silvestre is currently working on launching her first book “Confused Girl, Find Your Peace in The Chaos” and is also currently focused on designing her course “Free of Fear” to help people overcome their apprehensions and follow their dreams. This course will offer a 4-step strategy that Giovanna Silvestre discovered from her life experiences. She wants to guide more and more people to conquer their limiting beliefs that stand as obstacles on their way to freedom. She wants everyone to live the way they have always dreamed of living.

The success that Giovanna Silvestre is enjoying now was accomplished after a lot of struggle. She has faced many ups and downs in life to emerge as the person she is today. She believes that the most difficult thing to accept for a person is his or her tough phase in life. Once a person learns to accept the inevitable confusion and ups and downs in life, they are able to live with greater peace and less fear.