GHOne TV presenter Natalie Fort has been appointed as the country chair for the G100 Media Arts and Communication (G-MAC).

The award-winning broadcast journalist and news anchor was nominated by G100 Global Chair – Media Arts and Communication Alex Okoroji.

G100 is an eminent club of the top 100 powerful women leaders in the world in a pact of purpose to create equity and empowerment for women and ALL and a vision to impact the future.

G-MAC is a multinational sector wing led by the eminent G100 Club, for Women using Media Arts and Communication to impact the world.

As Gatekeepers of information, this G-wing is on a mission to create a thriving support network, opportunities, and collaborative ecosystem for media arts practitioners in 100 countries. G-MAC connects, recognizes, and supports women in film, television, radio, publishing and interactive media across all media arts & communication segments, to expand networks, educate and celebrate their accomplishments.

In her new position, Natalie will join other country chairs who are powerful media arts and communication professionals leading their country chapter.

She will further deepen the network and build a robust community of leadership, enterprise, engagement, and change in Ghana across regions, cities, and districts, taking the mission forward into deeper interiors, and into the hearts and minds of every woman and ALL within their communities.


G100 is an action think-tank, fostering more women’s network with a global, cross-cultural, intersectional and intentional perspective towards peace, parity and prosperity for all. Their core activities involve networking, mentoring, collaborations, upskilling, community building, thought leadership, knowledge sharing, global campaigns, policy recommendations and awards & recognition.

The mandate of G100 is to provide the thought leadership for the coming decade on what needs to be done for inclusivity and economic and social empowerment of women globally. Together they will define, design and determine a new future with equity, equal opportunity, inclusion and economic empowerment of women, and of all, through the inclusive agency of women.


Natalie Fort is a multiple award-winning Broadcast Journalist, News Anchor, and Television Host based in Ghana, West Africa.

She serves as Patron of the Ghana Philanthropy Forum, a Board Member supporting Grant & Partnership with the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (Ghana), and Advisory Board Member of the World Sustainability Organisation.

Beginning her career in Broadcasting with TV3 Network of the Media General Group, Natalie quickly grew to become the network’s youngest and most sought-after news anchors, presenting its prime-time bulletin – News 360 every weekday.

Natalie’s success in media begun in her work anchoring the weekday news, reinstating the International Desk for the broadcast of headline global political issues, and hosting the ‘Women’s Take’ programme on 3FM (92.7) which sought to explore the impact of women on Governance in Ghana.

This contributed to her participation in a team of lead presenters, covering Ghana’s 2016 general elections under the network’s Election Command Centre. Natalie further furnished the network with a number of leading resource persons and experts in U.S. domestic politics, law and foreign policy for its coverage of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Elections.

Her professionalism and excellence in media, combined with her dedication to the arts, entrepreneurship and philanthropy, has made her a celebrated household name across the country. Highlighted in her receipt of the Excellent Personality Merit Award (2017), the Gold Star Order of Excellence & Distinctive Service to Humanity Medal (2019), Emerging Television Personality of the Year Award (2019), Most Outstanding Female Media Personality of the Year (2020), and member of the Ghana Feminine Hall of Fame (2018).

Currently, Natalie Fort works as Senior Broadcast Journalist and host of the Natalie Fort Show with GHOne Television – a subsidiary of Africa’s fastest-growing media group, EIB Network. She continues to extend her footprint in Media through her work in Media Relations, contributing her intellect and creative ideation as Media Consultant for leading firms, projects and personalities.

Natalie Fort is ultimately passionate about empowering young women to become industry leaders in the media sector. She offers coaching to young African women through the Natalie Fort Coaching & Mentorship Program. She is also the Founder of the Fort Group, a diversified lifestyle, business facilitation, media and humanitarian organization which today consists of the Fort Finishing School, Fort Art Gallery, Fort Media Consultancy and the Fort Foundation. The firm seeks to grow into one of the most sought-after lifestyle and media firms in Ghana, West Africa.

Natalie is an MBA candidate in Media Leadership with the University of Cumbria (UK) and Robert Kennedy College (Switzerland); and alumni of Ghana International School, Merton International School, the Accra Film School, and the Royal Academy of Music (UK).

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